Amherstburg CAO Launches Lawsuit Against Mayoral Candidate


Amherstburg's chief administrative officer has filed a lawsuit against one of the candidates running for mayor.

John Miceli is suing Glenn Swinton for libel and defamation for comments posted on Facebook earlier this summer.

The post alleged Miceli was involved in fraud when employed by the City of Windsor and that he directed Amherstburg Council to contract out the town's police services to Windsor.

Miceli says Swinton was asked to remove the comments because they were damaging to his reputation, but he refused.

He says his integrity as a public servant is at stake and he had no choice but to sue Swinton.

"I have a 27-year career in the public service and for him to try and damage my career, creating a toxic environment for me in this community. That was a calculated decision by him and he shouldn't be doing that at my expense."

Miceli accuses Swinton of trying to score political points.

"This individual wants to damage that reputation.  We know there is an election and he wants to damage that reputation even with an incoming council.  He specifically wants to damage my ability to do my job, and that's very concerning."

He says he filed the lawsuit against Swinton now because of time limits under the law.

"He's the one who initiated the comments.  He was the one who was given the opportunity to retract the comments.  He's the one that refused to retract the comments, so basically under the Libel and Slander Act there's a window of limitations on when you can proceed.  Mr. Swinton had full control to make that not occur and elected not to do that."

Miceli is seeking $90,000 in damages.

Swinton tells AM800 News he's been meeting with his lawyer and will file a statement of defence on Monday, but will not comment on the lawsuit until then.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

— with files from AM800's Rob Hindi