Amherstburg CAO, Two Other Officials no Longer Employed by Town: Mayor


Three high ranking officials in Amherstburg are no longer employed by the town.

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo says former CAO John Miceli, director of planning and development service Nicole Rubli and Cheryl Horrobin, the director of corporate services are no longer serving in their roles.

He says council has made all its decisions in the best interest of the town and that this is a personal matter

The mayor also confirmed these are the three individuals that were escorted from town hall on August 9. Windsor police were on scene, but the town says the issue is not criminal.

"I believe we have talented dedicated staff who will continue the business of the town and maintain the momentum we've achieved for the last few years," he says.

On Tuesday, the acting CAO Susan Hirota resigned after just one week on the job and accepted a new position with the town of Kingsville.

DiCarlo explained that there isn't anything he can say about the dismissals.

"Not currently no, it's a personnel matter, so all I can really say is council has made all their decisions in the best interest of the town moving forward."

He also wanted to be clear that there is nothing criminal that he is aware of.

"I know the residents are asking for more details and as much as I would like to share more, all I can say at this point is council has a fiduciary responsibility to tax payers and mitigating any potential litigation," DiCarlo said.

DiCarlo hopes tax payers haven't lost faith in council and staff.

"I believe we have a talented, dedicated staff who are definitely going to continue the business of the town and I,m sure they can maintain the momentum we've achieved over the last few years," he continued. "These are the people that have been working behind the scenes and I definitely believe they can continue to do that work."

Antonietta Goifu will take over CAO duties as of August 30.


- with files from CTV Windsor