Amherstburg council to discuss two year pilot project for transit service


Amherstburg residents may soon have public transit.

Council will be discussing a two year pilot project with Transit Windsor Tuesday evening that includes a few options with a number of stops and routes including a loop through the Kingsbridge subdivision plus a transfer in LaSalle.

Councillor Don McArthur is in favour of the project and says it will assist town youth and seniors.

He says he has heard from residents about the need for transit services and it's also stated in the report.

"The need for public transit service in the town has long been a request from the residents, and has garnered support from many local community groups."

McArthur says he supports the route administration is proposing.

"That includes the loop of Texas road, and through Kingsbridge, which is a huge subdivision that's growing by leaps and bounds everyday, so it gets that area and there's also a one way loop downtown that goes down Fryer, Simcoe and Alma," says McArthur.

He says 60 minutes is projected for a round trip.

"I mean the reality is this, taking the bus is considerably less convenient than taking a car," he says.  "I mean that's the reality, but when you don't have a car it's a god-sent."

Council set aside $80,000 for the project during 2022 budget deliberations.

The current cost estimate for 2023 is $198,158 and the cost estimate for 2024 is $140,278 but both are subject to change.

Transit Windsor is recommending a fare of $4.75 for the Amherstburg route.

The service is expected to run 'weekdays only' from September to April and 'weekday and weekends' for April to August.