Amherstburg council to speak about Boblo Island's back up ferry during next meeting


Amherstburg council will be speaking about the Boblo Island ferry during their next meeting. 

Councillor Diane Pouget has asked that a report be brought to the next meeting on November 27 regarding information on the back up ferry that runs to Boblo Island. 

The main island ferry was out of service for two weeks for what was being called 'routine maintenance', and during that time the back up ferry was also deemed unsafe by Transport Canada. 

Residents were relying on a pontoon boat to take them into Town, but they were unable to bring their cars with them. 

The ferries are privately operated by Amherstburg Ferry Company, which is owned by Amico Properties, who also owns Boblo Island. 

Residents on Boblo Island are required to pay upwards of $5,000 in ferry dues each year, for access to the private ferry that is supposed to operate 24/7, 365 days a year on a 20 minute schedule.

Administration will also be completing a full report regarding the incident which is expected to be spoken about during the December 11 meeting.