Amherstburg Deputy Mayor not seeking re-election


Amherstburg Town Hall will have a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor later this year.  

Current deputy mayor Leo Meloche has announced that he is not seeking re-election in October's municipal election.

As AM800 News reported at the end of April, Amherstburg mayor Aldo DiCarlo has also decided not to seek re-election in October.

Meloche says it wasn't an easy decision, but after weighing a number of factors felt it was time to move on. 

[CLIP]... been rewarding

("COVID has basically taken a couple years of mine, and everybody's life, we'll say. As you get older it's harder to get those years back, again, it was time to move on. I cannot say the days haven't been challenging, but they've also been rewarding.")

He says having support and respect from the residents has been personally rewarding, and Meloche has tried to always deal with things through a rational lens.

[CLIP]... the people

("I think people like that aspect of a rational, analytical type decision making. You know I think we always make one that we second guess along the way, but for the most part I think I've been involved in decision making that's moved the town forward and I've had great support from the people.")

Meloche says the town has come a long way since he first joined council back in 2014, and that played a role in his decision as well.

[CLIP]... to Amherstburg

("Over the last eight years we created an atmosphere, attributes in the town, that attract investment. Today you're seeing much greater investment in our town and that's because we've made the conditions right for investors to come to Amherstburg.")

TAG: Prior to serving as deputy mayor, Meloche served for one term on Amherstburg council.


- with files from AM800's Rob Hindi