Amherstburg Getting New Primary Care Clinic


Amherstburg is getting approval from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care for a new nurse practitioner led clinic.

"Honestly, I was a bit surprised," says Aldo DiCarlo, the Amherstburg mayor nearly in disbelief at how quickly the application was approved. "I knew the need was there, but I guess I had expected the province to maybe come back with a little less support, I don't know. It's nice to get what you ask for in total."

The clinic is part of the town's community hub plan that saw the municipality buy the former St. Bernard Elementary School.

As AM800 News told you last month, the town bought the school from the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board for $550,000.

The new clinic will have three full-time Nurse Practitioners as well as a full-time Registered Practical Nurse. There will also be a physiotherapist, a registered dietitian, a social worker and a health promoter along with support staff like a receptionist and an office administrator working out of the clinic.

The ministry says the clinic team will target 2,400 patients at risk of chronic disease or are frail or elderly.


The St. Bernard's property located at 320 Richmond St in Amherstburg (Photo courtesy of Google Maps)

DiCarlo points to the clinic as a win for the town.

"I think it shows the residents how serious we are about the community hub and it gives them an idea of what we're looking to put in there and how beneficial it will be for everyone in that area and in the town as a whole," says DiCarlo.

The mayor adds the community hub plan is moving full speed ahead and the town is working with a number of interested parties to fill out the recently purchased land.

"Honestly, when it's all said and done, I don't know if we're going to be able to get everybody who's interested in getting in there."

DiCarlo is hoping to see construction begin in "a year to two years."