Amherstburg Mayor in favour of naloxone distribution by first responders


Amherstburg Mayor Aldo DiCarlo is in favour of the distribution of naloxone by first responders for opioid related overdoses in the area. 

Council will discuss the availability of the drug Tuesday evening in municipal workplaces and distribution by first responders.

A report from earlier this month asked for the fire chief to be given authorization to implement the naloxone program. 

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo says residents are passionate about the proposal. 

"If it can save a life then we should have it, especially because although there's some training involved, it's fairly safe to use as far as I'm aware of," says DiCarlo.   

He says small municipalities are not immune to drug overdoses. 

"If you look at the report it's not exactly a high number but when you're talking about a life, I think most people look at it like one life lost is one too many," he says.  "If there's something we can do to help ensure that won't happen then that's' where I think initiatives like this come in." 

DiCarlo believes there aren't too many people against the proposal.

"Initial response of course is always to have EMS there first as they are very heavily trained medical responders, but in cases where they can't get there in time or as quickly as perhaps our fire department does on the odd occasion, there is another option for us." 

The report was brought forward in early May, asking for council's authorization to be given on the Naloxone Distribution Agreement with the Board of Health of the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit.