Amherstburg's High Speed Internet Installation Nearing Completion


A two year project to bring high speed fibre internet to Amherstburg is nearing completion.

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo says the majority of higher populated neighbourhoods have been completed and work has now extended out to rural areas.

As heard on AM800 news, Bell Canada is picking up the entire bill for the work which is expected to cost more than $12-million.

DiCarlo says poles are in place and ready to go.

"If people will look around when they're out in the concessions they'll notice a whole bunch of empty poles," says DiCarlo.  "Those are actually Bell's poles waiting for fibre. That's where we're at now, Bell is stringing up fibre in the rural areas."

He says Bell has made a commitment that no rural customer will be left out.

"That's all that's left right now, big swaths for the rural areas," he says.  "Those will be done very much like they did in town. They'll target an area based on the number of homes and then try to connect them all and release them all as one area."

If all goes to plan, high speed fibre internet will be available to all Amherstburg residents by July 1.

- with files from AM800's Rob Hindi