Amherstburg's Open Air Weekends get positive feedback, event may return in 2022


Open Air Weekends are proving to be popular in Amherstburg.

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo says council has heard from several residents and business owners who would like to see the event continued in 2022.

In an effort to help businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic, downtown streets were closed over weekend to make way for extended patios and sidewalk sales.

DiCarlo says it's a work in progress.

"From the first year we did it, to the second year council made some adjustments to the days and the times of days to try and reach an agreement between all of the businesses and try and meet all the different needs."

He says the event has something for everyone.

"The response, especially when we had the Uncommon event, seemed to bring out a lot of people. A broad demographic of ages from children to adults. Depending on restrictions, hopefully by next year they'll be gone, but one way or the other I think council will consider it for next year."

 This was the second year for Open Air Weekends which ran each weekend from early June to late September.

Council is waiting on a report from the town's tourism department before making a decision on bringing the event back in 2022.