Amherstburg Sees Major Spike in Building Permits


Amherstburg is reporting a major increase in building permits in 2019.

The town issued 441 permits totalling just over $63-million in construction costs — that's up more than $15-million compared to the previous year.

Chief Building Official Angelo Avolio says multi-unit dwellings increased dramatically while single family home construction saw a slight drop. 

He says the town has made more land available for development.

There's more semi lots that are available, so there's an increase in that," says Avolio.  "There's more phases of subdivisions going in as well in the Kingsbridge area. Land inventory has increased so there's more out there for them."

He expects the trend to continue in 2020.

"One more year, I think it's going to continue to do what it's doing. it may slow down after that, but from what I've been seeing and reading, it's going to continue," says Avolio.

Building permits issued in 2019 will bring the town nearly a half million dollars in revenue — add in fees and development charges and the total comes to approximately $2.9-million.

- with files from AM800's Gord Bacon