Amherstburg Sticks With Current Development Fees Model


It's the status quo in the Town of Amherstburg.

Council has decided to stick with its current program for development fee charges until the end of the year.

Councillor Rick Fryer says builders will continue to pay development fees on residential properties at the end of the construction, instead of the beginning.

Fryer says the program was launched in 2008 during the economic recession but believes the town needs to change it once a new council is in office after this fall's municipal election.

"When you look around Essex County right now, with Leamington and Essex having a complete deferral or 50 percent," says Fryer.  "I think if Amherstburg is looking at development and bringing in commercial development along with residential, we need to be getting on board with looking at either deferring or not charging development fees altogether."

The current program will expire on December 31st.

"The developers are happy that we're going to keep the status quo until the end of the year," says Fryer.  "With a new council coming in they'll have the ability to continue the program, change the program, alternate."

Fryer says if he's re-elected, he would like to see fees dropped by 50% or removed altogether for both residential and commercial developments.