Amherstburg to look at feasability of adding recycling options in town parks


The Town of Amherstburg is going to look at what it would cost to make sure there are recycling options in places like the downtown core and public parks.

During Tuesday's meeting, Councillor Molly Allaire requested a report on the feasability and costing of adding recycling containers so council could make a decision ahead of budget deliberations.

"Specifically in our parks. We have Kings Navy Yard Park, the jewel of Amherstburg, and Toddy Jones as well, which is used by the public and children. We have recycling plants, we recycle at home, so why don't we provide that as a town to everyone," she says.

Allaire says most town facilities have recycling options but it's not at the parks.

"If we are to provide all these events, we should also be able to provide avenues for accessible garbage, waste and recycling," she says. "We have to look at the whole picture, not just focus on garbage and that's good enough. We have to go above and beyond, we can't just doing the bare minimum."

Allaire believes one hurdle that could impact the addition of new recycling bins is the current collection contracts, and if these new additions would impact the collection service and associated costs.


Cenotaph in King's Navy Yard Park in Amherstburg (Photo courtesy of the Town of Amherstburg)