Annual CIBC Run for the Cure Raises $116K in Windsor


The CIBC Run for the Cure kicked off at Windsor's Riverfront Plaza Sunday morning, raising more than $116,000 for cancer research and treatment.

Mariama Henry's team took on the name MBC's which stands for Metastatic Breast Cancer, a type of cancer that is under the radar for many.

"Not a lot of attention brought to that style of the disease and that's why I chose that team name," she says. "Metastatic disease is the spread of a primary tumour to other organs in the body and that causes stage four cancer, which is a terminal illness."

Henry says there's a lot of work to be done when it comes to MBC.

"There's not cure for it, but it is treatable so we still need more to be done. The metastatic community wants that to be known," she says.

Henry hopes the team name will encourage spectators to learn more about the disease.

"They find the disease to be misunderstood and they just want to bring awareness to the public," she added.

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, one in eight Canadian women is expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime.