Annual Crop Assessment Shows Above Average Yield in Essex County


Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent are on track for better than average corn and soybean yields this year.

That's according to Great Lakes Grain General Manager Don Kabbes. 

He tells AM800's The Afternoon News the 11th annual Crop Assessment Tour visited 538 corn fields and 421 soybean fields across the province.

Kabbes says early planting gave both regions a great start, but weather may have hurt things a bit in Windsor-Essex.

"Just around Mother's Day we had lots of cool weather and that early planted corn suffered a little bit in that time frame," he says.

Kabbes says Chatham-Kent's crops were helped by more heavy rain events this summer, but a prolonged drought in Essex County hurt its corn yields.

"Kind of a persistent drought that hung on maybe a little more than it did in the balance of the province, and then we had some areas that just got hammered with rain after that," he says.

When the tour began 11 years ago, Kabbes says 29,000 plants were tallied across the province and they saw 34,000 in 2020.

"It really helps us and the farmer understand changes they've made to increase their yield and increase their possibility to remain competitive in the market place," he added.

Kabbes says this year's tour ran from Aug. 24 to Sept. 4.


With files from Rob Hindi