Annual Mayor's Walk and city birthday celebration returning after a two-year hiatus


The annual Mayor's Walk and city birthday celebration are returning to Windsor's riverfront later this month.

Mayor Drew Dilkens says the events are coming back after a two year hiatus and will take place on May 21, along the city's riverfront followed by a celebration on the grass next to Art Windsor-Essex.

Dilkens says the events are back this year.

"It's an outdoor event, people are vaccinated," he continued. "We want to get back into business and celebrate the city's 130th birthday. So the mayor's walk will happen on May 21 here at the waterfront with a party up on the grass next to the Art Gallery after that, so community come out       

He says he missed the events because it's part of an annual tradition.

"I carried that annual tradition forward after my predecessor started it Eddie Francis and I just liked doing it. It was a great way for families to gather together and getting everyone together and celebrating our city."  

Dilkens says he's expecting a large turnout.

"I wouldn't be surprised if more people come out. Having not done it for a couple years, I think people sort of missed it like I did and they want to come out and celebrate and we have so much to celebrate as a city," says Dilkens.  "Whether it's the announcements in the last couple of months, whether it's the success that we've seen as a city and the growth we've seen and through the pandemic, it's been quite remarkable," he said.    

Windsor is turning 130-year-old this year.

The last Mayor's Walk and city birthday party were last held in May 2019.

The last two celebrations have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.