Another Extension for No-Wake Zone


With no indication that local water levels will be receding any time soon, the no-wake zone has been extended until the end of October.

In mid-July the Windsor Port Authority and City of Windsor imposed the 30-metre zone, meaning powered vessels are not allowed to operate within 30-metres of the shore of the Detroit River except to dock.

The goal is to prevent unnecessary erosion along the shoreline from boat wakes.

Harbour master Peter Berry says he's been in contact with the city and they've decided the zone needs to be maintained, at least until the end of the pleasure boating season.

"We still have to see the flood waters from Lake Superior, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan hit this area so we will see an increase in water according to them over the next month" says Berry.  "As a result we've decided to keep the traffic control zone until the end of October."  

Berry says water levels are not going down as expected.

"The Army Corps is stating that the anticipated decrease has not occurred to any great length or extent" explains Berry. "Lake St. Clair has dropped below its historical level but it is still high."

Commercial ships going through the Detroit River have already dropped their speeds by 30 percent to try and reduce their wake.