Another Mask-Free Event Planned in Windsor


The Medical Officer of Health for Windsor-Essex is disappointed another mask free rally is happening in Windsor this weekend.

According to a post on Facebook, the group "Questioning Covid in Windsor-Essex" is teaming up with another group, "Hugs Over Masks" to host a celebration of life event at Charles Clark Square.

The online post states "Bring a sign...Bring a speech...Bring a barenaked smile and Courage is Contagious.

During his daily briefing, Dr. Ahmed questioned those who are not taking the virus seriously. 

"We have a good example when we look at ourselves in Canada, we have a good example of what happens in the U-S and the number of spread, the cases, people were dying," says Ahmed.  "You are lucky if you have not contracted COVID.  You are lucky if you contracted COVID and didn't end up in a hospital bed or didn't end up dying but that doesn't mean or change the severity of the disease."


Photo courtesy: Questioning Covid in Windsor-Essex's Facebook page

He says the health unit will be monitoring the event.

"I don't know what these people want, what they're fighting for and if they're so concerned about their rights, what about my rights if I want to wear a mask and I want to enjoy a space which is safe for everyone," says Dr. Ahmed.  

A similar event was held by the same group last month at Devonshire Mall.

The group called it a mask-free shopping trip.

Saturday's event at Charles Clark Square begins at 12pm.