Anti Mask Rally Claims Real COVID-19 Information is being Censored


A small rally against mandatory mask by-laws drew nearly 40 people Saturday.

The crowd gathered at Charles Clark Square in downtown Windsor, Ont. around 12 p.m. with several speakers taking turns voicing what could only be described as unproven COVID-19 science and treatments.

Hugs Over Masks drew a diverse crowd, some dawning yellow vests with anti-Justin Trudeau t-shirts and a few others done-up in Make America Great Again (MAGA) apparel, the trade mark of U.S. President Donald Trump.

Despite millions of doctors around the world agreeing COVID-19 is highly contagious and dangerous, organizer Catherine Carter says she and many others don't believe them.

"Thousands upon thousands of doctors are being censored through our media with an opposing viewpoint with statistical data as well," she says. "The problem is people are not getting the information that can inform them to make a choice for themselves and we are here to share the information."

Most municipalities in Essex County, including Windsor, Ont., have mandatory mask by-laws in place that are enforceable by police and by-law officers.

Carter says she's exempt because of post-traumatic stress disorder, but everyone should be able to go into a confined area with others without a mask if they want to.

"If you feel that wearing a mask is right for you; then please do," she says. "I will support and fight for your right to do so, but I also support the right for people to make their own choices. [and not wear a mask]"

Carter's reasoning is simple.

"Healthy people don't wear masks. I'm not sick ... if I get sick I will not go outside. I won't go to places spreading if I'm sick, I want to stay home in bed," added Carter.

It should be noted there is peer reviewed medical evidence supporting the asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19.

Carter says the current emergency measures and by-laws are a form of government control.

She plans to hold similar "rallies" in the future.

— with files from CTV Windsor’s Ricardo Veneza