APMA President Urges Canadians to Keep Buying Cars and Oil


The President of the Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association is urging Canadians to keep buying cars and gasoline to avoid an economic collapse.

Flavio Volpe said thousands of jobs are at stake as oil prices continue to collapse due to shrinking demand caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking on AM800's The Afternoon News, Volpe said there's no doubt renewable energy is the future, but the focus needs to be on today's economy.

"That 400-acre solar power plant in Windsor was one of my last projects when I was in the solar business. I get it, we know we need to think for the future, but what pays the bills today are the things that we make today and we do them quite well. We make cars and we extract oil," he said.

Vople points out some environmentalists are rejoicing, but it's not time to celebrate.

"What raises revenues in Alberta helps to pay for roads and hospitals in Windsor. I think the people who are happy about these things need to understand that at some point very soon we need to have a responsible return to at least a new normal," he said.

Volpe said the oil and automotive sectors are what keep cities like Windsor moving forward.

"That new normal in Canada is still going to look like the old normal in terms of what pays the bills and it's the auto industry and it's the oil sector," he said. "You can't ZOOM building a minivan and you can't Microsoft Teams getting barrels of oil out of the ground." 

Volpe is reminding Canadians sitting at home is not going to secure a future and the government can only cut cheques for so long.

The APMA president is also giving credit to auto manufacturers in Windsor who have stepped up and re-tooled plants to make personal protective equipment for frontline workers.