Approvals Granted for Three Local Public School Construction Projects


The province has given the green light for three projects at the Greater Essex County District School Board.

The total funding, about $34.5-million had already been approved, but the latest approvals are vital to move the three projects to the tender phase.

The three projects include $19.4-million for a new Giles French Immersion Public School on Mercer, a new $12.3-million Prince Andrew School which will be called Legacy Oak Trail in LaSalle and a $3.7-million daycare addition to Essex Public School.  

The Storybook daycare was destroyed in a fire on January 7, 2017 — its new home will be at Essex Public School.

Chatham-Kent-Leamington MPP Rick Nicholls made the announcement in Windsor on Friday.

He says these approvals are a milestone for these three projects.

"This year $500-million alone has been allocated to improve classrooms and create new child care spaces and it is without doubt, that better learning environments lead to better learning outcomes," says Nicholls.

Public School Board Director Erin Kelly says when it comes to these types of construction projects, time is of the essense.

"Every time that we are waiting, that money isn't worth as much so in other words, the longer we are waiting for the tender process takes, the longer we are delayed and then our funding is affected," says Kelly.  "It is a very significant move, we have to be able to get at moving these construction projects forward."

The new schools on Mercer St. in Windsor and in LaSalle should be open in 2021.  

The addition at Essex Public School should be completed by the end of the year.

Since 2005, the public school board has been able to improve or have new builds to 30% of its schools.