Approximately 700 Windsor Assembly Plant Employees Take Retirement/Buy Out Packages


The three shift operation at the Windsor Assembly Plant comes to an end next Friday.

Unifor Local 444 President Dave Cassidy says around 700 employees have taken the retirement/buy out packages offered by FCA Canada.

He says it's still unknown how many employees will be laid off when the two shift operation begins on July 13.

"People who are off on leaves, leave of absences, vacation, there's WSIB so the people that are off work that extends that date from February 28 but those are rough numbers," says Cassidy.  "I sent that message pretty clear that those are rough numbers."


Shop floor of the FCA Canada Windsor Assembly Plant, October 5, 2018 (by AM800's Peter Langille)

Cassidy says there are approximately 1,375 workers impacted by the elimination of the third shift.

"We have right around 700 retirees and that would put when you look at it about seniority of February 28, 2016 would be holding the plant for seniority," says Cassidy.  "The juniors need to understand where we're at, so either they're going to move on to something different or potentially there's an opportunity for them to hold the plant with that their seniority is so that's where we're at right now." 

Unifor Local 444 also represents four feeder plants for the Windsor Assembly Plant.

He says notices have been issued but the union is still working on final numbers.

Cassidy expect at least a couple hundred feeder plant workers that Unifor Local 444 represents will be laid off.

Unifor Local 195 and Unifor Local 200 also represent some feeder plants.