Area Mayors Featured in "Mask Up" Video


Area mayors are asking the public to "mask up."

They have partnered with Maskcott Apparel and have created a video asking the community to wear a mask to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain believes it's the first time all areas mayors have come together for a video.

"I think it sends out a very strong message of the importance of what we're saying in that video that we need to make sure that we keep those masks on, it's so important," says Bain.  

He says the mayors wanted to get the message out.

"It's something that we as mayors can get out to residents and our local municipalities and support the health unit," says Bain.  "It's so important.  We just have to look back at the situation where we were held at stage 2."  

Bain says the mayors do not want to see the region moved back to stage two.

"The mayors felt very strongly that we want to get the message out that people are doing a good job, keep those masks on, keep social distancing," says Bain.   

Maskcott Apparel was started by the Thomson Family and, according to its Facebook page, all masks are made in Windsor.