Area Mayors Pledge to Step Up COVID-19 Enforcement


With COVID-19 cases continuing to increase, local mayors have formed a united front in the fight against the virus.

In a joint conference call Wednesday, mayors from both the city and county pledged to step up enforcement when it comes to masks, social distancing and get-togethers exceeding provincial limits.

Windsor mayor Drew Dilkens says there's no room for education anymore.

"We all agree that enforcement is more appropriate now than ever. Over eight months, we all understand the rules and if anyone doesn't understand washing your hands, keeping distance and wearing a mask at this point, I'm not sure that there's much more that anyone on this call or anyone in the community can do to help get compliance other than move to enforcement."

Tecumseh mayor Gary McNamara says the rules apply to everyone.

"It doesn't matter which four corners in the region you're at, you're going to be treated the same. If you're going to break the rules and put people at risk then there should be consequences for that. It shouldn't just be a, "Well sorry I didn't understand," or, "I didn't know." We should all be aware."

LaSalle mayor Marc Bondy says if you're having a large party, police will be knocking at your door.

"The ones who do get calls, they will be issuing fines. So if you're not doing what you're supposed to and you're not following the guidelines and the police are called, they will be visiting. So I caution everyone. This is not a threat, it's just that we have rules to follow and we will be following those guidelines."

The mayors were joined by members of the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit at the event as well.

Windsor-Essex has seen a double digit increase in new COVID-19 cases each day since Wednesday, November 11.

As of Wednesday, November 18, the region has 3,139 confirmed cases of the virus along with 77 deaths.