Area's Top Doctor Hopes Windsor-Essex Avoids Third Wave of COVID-19


With March coming to an end, the area's medical officer of health feels Windsor-Essex did a decent job in its fight against COVID-19.

Dr. Wajid Ahmed says the COVID-19 vaccine rollout was a main focus for the health unit during the month.

He says as for cases, the region did not do that bad compared to other areas.

"Overall I think we did a decent job in terms of containing the spread and we hope that it continues to stay that way," says Dr. Ahmed.  

For the month of March, Windsor-Essex reported 905 confirmed cases along with 21 deaths.

Dr. Ahmed says a goal for April is to avoid a third wave.

"I really hope and pray that we don't have to deal with a third wave," says Dr. Ahmed.  "I think our community has suffered enough and our health care workers have suffered enough.  It's been exhaustive, everyone is burnt out at this time and we really hope that we don't have to deal with the third wave."     

He says to avoid a third wave, the community must continue to follow all public health safety measures. 

"If we follow all of these measures, if we can survive this and with the vaccine rollout, I think we'll be in a much better position and I really hope that everyone just follows and we can avoid this third wave at all in our community," he says.    

There were 887 cases in February for Windsor-Essex along with 66 deaths.

In January, there were more than 170 deaths and over 4300 cases.