Area welder seeking mayor's seat in Windsor


A 38-year-old welder wants to be Windsor's next mayor.

Benjamin Danyluk is running in his first municipal election and filed his nomination papers last week.

He says he's been thinking about running for mayor the past couple of years but decided to run after seeing the blockade near the Ambassador Bridge and was against the way protestors and demonstrators were removed.

Danyluk says he witnessed it and felt it was an "attack on the public."

"This is not okay for our government to be doing this to the public, the mayor's number one responsibility is the safety of the people, and their civil rights."

Danyluk says he's been thinking about running for the past couple years.

"I'm not too happy to with all the vanity decorative spending our city has been doing. All of our roads keep falling apart, we have an evergrowing homeless problem, there's a lot of infrastructure issues, and they just keep spending money on our River Front and stuff like that."

Danyluk says his campaign will focus on a few key issues including roads and housing.

"One of the two main issues that everybody's got on their minds is number one our roads, and two is our housing crisis situation, I mean we're a manufacturing town and it's getting to the point where even the workers are getting to where they can't even afford to live here." 

Danyluk is a former chef and is  the second candidate seeking mayor's seat.

Ernie "The Baconman" Lamont filed earlier this month.

Current mayor Drew Dilkens has yet to announce his intentions.

The municipal election is October 24.