Ariius Nightclub in Caesars Windsor Launches New Safety Program


A Windsor nightclub is adopting a new program from the U.K to make sure their patrons are safe.

Ariius Nightclub, inside Caesars Windsor, is launching "Ask for Angela" Friday night.

If a woman feels uncomfortable and needs help, or feels she is in a weird situation, she just needs to go to the bartender and ask for Angela as in "Can I speak to Angela?"

It acts as a code word for bar staff to step in to help.

They won't leave the woman's side until she is safe either by calling police or getting her into a cab.

"Nowadays with social media and sites like Tinder, a lot of people are going on blind dates and they are not sure what they are going to be getting into," says Nightclub owner Kash Hasan.

He says this gives the woman a way out.

"Very often people will not say anything just trying to avoid a scene in a restaurant, a bar or nightclub. This allows for a discreet exit strategy for that person."

Hasan has spoken with the program creator in the U.K to see how the program works and decided it would fit with his nightclub.

All bar staff have been trained on what to do.