Artificial Turf Being Installed at St. Clair College's New Sports Park


The artificial turf at St. Clair College's new Sports Park is being installed.

Vice President of Campus Development Ron Seguin says work began earlier this week and crews are currently working on the soccer/football field and then will shift to the softball diamonds.

Seguin says the entire process is expected to take three and a half weeks to complete.

"They're pulling and tugging long length of carpet," he says.  "They're lining it up with cameras for accuracy and there's all kinds of attaching and sewing work that goes on with it.  The soccer/football field a crew will be on it for a month to get it to its final completion."

Seguin says crews have to line up the turf up with cameras for accuracy. 

"The softball turf that carpet is going to take about two weeks from the minute they get on it so it's an involved process," he says, adding it's an exciting stage of the project.

"They'll lay down the entire carpet and then they'll go back at the end and sew in different logos and different patterns, the yard markers so in my words, a two stage process, they get the basic carpet down and then the fine details, all the details are added right at the end," says Seguin.

The cost of the project is approximately $25-million and includes a 1,500 seat stadium, a indoor tennis facility, ladies softball diamonds, sand volleyball courts, multi-use pathways and additional parking.

Construction is expected to wrap up in early to mid September.