Assumption Church Re-Opens Its Doors on Sunday


Sunday is an important day at Assumption Church in west Windsor.

The first mass in five years will take place inside the 174-year-old church starting at 11am.

Father Maurice Restivo says it's going to be an exciting and an emotional day.

"There's a lot of anticipation," says Father Restivo.  "People I would say in general, there's always a few especially who have a long time attachment to Holy Name of Mary, there's a sadness about leaving there and it's been a wonderful home for these last five years but overall there is a huge excitement about coming back to Assumption Church.

He says the inside of the church is safe for mass.

"You'll notice there is hoarding up over the two side alters, not very attractive and the side pews are roped off as well because of the possibility of plaster falling and that will remain until we do our plaster restoration hopefully next summer, it" says Father Restivo.  "It will depend on funding."

Restivo says he will be leading his first mass inside the historic church.

"When I came here as pastor we were already at Holy Name of Mary so this will be my first occasion and it's really special," says Father Restivo.


Assumption Church closes its doors in 2014 (Photo by AM800's Rob Hindi)


Bishop Ronald Fabbro will be in attendance and will deliver the homily.

The historic church opened in 1845, but closed five years ago as it was in need of some major repairs.

Some of the work started this year including the installation of the copper roof shingles and a new heating system.

For the past five years, masses have been taking place at Holy Name of Mary Church.

The next phase of the restoration project is plaster and paint so another $2.25-million will be needed.

The entire cost of the restoration project is between $14-million and $20-million.  

Assumption Church is the oldest parish in Canada, west of Montreal.

— with files from AM800's Teresinha Medeiros