At Least 10 Inpatients at WRH are COVID-19 positive


At least 10 inpatients at Windsor Regional Hospital (WRH) have COVID-19.

As AM800 News reported last week, there were 50 inpatients between the two campuses that were showing signs of the coronavirus, but health officials were still waiting for test results to confirm their status.

"Our age ranges here are in their 40s and 70s but all of them have a chronic health issue that covid really goes after them," says WRH President and CEO, David Musyj.

Speaking on AM800's the Morning, Musyj says about half of the results came back and 10 of them came back positive.  Eight of those patients are still at the hospital while two have been discharged.

Musyj notes they are still waiting for test results for the remainder of the patients, but he expects similar results.

"We talk to some nurses who were treating patients here, they were relatively stable and within 30 minutes they couldn't breathe," he says.

Due to pre-planning, there are about 300 beds available but Musyj says given the impacts of this virus, they could easily be taken.