Bar Owner Disappointed with New Provincial Regulations


A local bar owner doesn't agree with new restrictions put into place by the province.

Among other things, Premier Doug Ford announced on Friday that as of midnight, all food and drink establishments across the province will no longer be able to sell alcohol after 11 p.m. and the consumption of alcohol on these premises will be prohibited after 12 a.m.

Tom Lucier, the owner of Phog Lounge in downtown Windsor says regardless of what time he's told to close, people are still going to continue with their patterns and behaviours.

“If you restrict the location then that's the only difference, they're going to find somewhere else to do it," he says. "So for me, the people who come to my place from midnight until 2 a.m. and enjoy themselves responsibly that's just going to put a big hole in my bottom line.”

Lucier is worried the new restrictions will cut down on his business earlier in the evening.

“I know that people are probably just going to avoid coming out from that 10 p.m. to midnight, they're not going to just go 'Oh, it closes at midnight so we better go out earlier,' that's not going to happen," says Lucier "It's just not."

He says he appreciates the restrictions based on capacity but questions the new time limits.

“It's not that I'm anti-restriction but to close at midnight, I don't see a benefit." Lucier adds. "From my logistical standpoint as someone who has owned a bar for 17 years, if you,re letting them stay out until midnight, what the hell is the difference if they're out until 2 a.m.? I don't understand.”

Lucier also tells AM800 New there's a good chance he is going to have to let one of his employees go because he cant justify two shifts.


— With files from AM800's Gord Bacon