Below Seasonal Temperatures Expected for the Next Couple of Days


October has officially arrived and with it, some cooler temperatures.

Environment Canada Meteorologist, Gerald Cheng, says a frigid air mass has rolled in and residents will really begin to feel the cold Thursday and Friday night, with temperatures expected to drop close to 0C.

Cheng says, even in October, this is well below seasonal.

"Normally we should be expecting a high of about 19 C for the area and a low of 8 C, but to get close to 3 C or 2 C or even zero degrees, that's quite cold. So that's something to keep in mind," he says.

Cheng says the high winds will be sticking around as well.

"We expect that to basically continue for some time and, of course, after the cold front passes through late Thursday we expect some brisk winds again on Friday," he says.

Cheng says there is a chance we may get one last dose of heat before winter arrives.

"We really have to wait until next week to see closer to normal temperatures back into play and then after that it looks like there is a signal that as we head into the second week of October, perhaps, we'll see some warmer temperatures back into the forecast," he says.

In addition to the colder temperatures, Cheng says there's a good chance we'll see some showers or thunderstorms over the next couple of days and heading into the weekend.


With files from Rob Hindi