BIA Chair says Resuming Indoor Dining a 'Huge Relief' in Downtown Windsor


Restaurants and bars across the city have been buzzing with activity with the return of indoor dining.

Brian Yeomans is the chair of the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association, one of the city's busiest entertainment districts.

He says having indoor seating available over the weekend was a huge relief.

"To finally be there, that we've crossed the threshold of being in a safe place where we can actually do this," he says. 

Yeomans says everyone has been at the mercy of the weather this year.

"It's been raining pretty much all week, which makes it really tough for patios," says Yeomans. "To be able to add indoor dining is great benefit for these businesses."

He adds downtown Windsor patio's have been packed most weekends and that may have scared some people away.

"With indoor dining this gives them a little more leeway and space on patios, so they might get those people have been leery about going out to say, hey, I can go out to a patio because it's not so busy now," he says.

Under Step 3 of the province's reopening plan, indoor and outdoor dining capacity is set at the number of people who can safely maintain 2m physical distance.

The number of people who can sit at one table is no longer restricted, but face coverings must still be worn if a customer isn't seated.