Bike Windsor Essex receives security camera donation following break-in last month


The executive director of a local non-profit bike shop is breathing a sigh of relief after being provided with security cameras for the business. 

Lori Newton with Bike Windsor Essex says she's so thankful that local security provider Security ONE Alarms has stepped up with the donation of a smart security and video surveillance system after the previous location was broken into. 

In mid-October over $10,000 of product was stolen from their previous location on Monmouth Road, the day before they were moving to the new location

When the staff at Security ONE Alarm Systems heard about the burglary, they responded by stepping up with the donation of surveillance cameras and a security system to help deter future crimes

Newton says the new equipment will be a big help. 

"The cameras run 24 hours a day, but I guess even more important is the alarm system. So that if anyone was to crash through a window, or the front glass door, Windsor Police and Security ONE would be notified immediately as well as myself, and two other staff, and we would know right away."

She says everyone at Bike Windsor Essex is very relaxed now. 

"Supporting your local community business is so important. Having Security ONE on site, I mean they know the community, they know the region, they know what's happening, they're literally seconds away if I need to ask them any questions. So it is huge for us to have that."

Newton adds that this is a perfect example of the community coming together to support small organizations. 

"We can't afford a lot, everything that we earn goes back into the community programming that we do, and to have Security ONE call us, I mean that also told us that hey, we are really doing some good work in out in the community and people are recognizing it."

The new home for The Bike Kitchen is located at 862 Walker Road.

Bike Windsor Essex is an organization and resource centre dedicated to the promotion of cycling as an empowering, community-enriching, fun, environmentally sustainable, and active mode of transportation.