Black History Month Kicks-Off in Windsor-Essex

am800-news-black-history-month-kick-off-event-caribbean-centre-windsor- january-31-2020

Black History Month is officially underway in Windsor-Essex.

More than 50 people packed the Caribbean Centre at 2410 Central Ave. in east Windsor Friday night for Black history highlights, dancing, drumming, music, and poetry. 


The Essex County Black Historical Research Society also released this year’s schedule that includes 30 events in 29 days over the month of February.

President Irene Moore-Davis says it's good to see such a diverse crowd make it out to kick things off.

"Members of the wider community are here, but so are individuals from our African continental community, our Underground Railroad descendant community, our Caribbean and Latin American community," she says. "We're just so happy to see everybody celebrating together."

Moore-Davis says this year's events will emphasize contributions to Black history from all groups.

"It's not just about the Underground Railroad, even though that's a story we love to tell most around here. There are fantastic stories from every decade that really matter," she added.

She says a visit to the Amherstburg Freedom Museum is always a good place to start, and Windsor's Sandwich Town has a landmark worth a visit this month as well.

"Go check out Sandwich First Baptist Church, it's the one Underground Railroad era church built by formerly enslaved people that's still standing in our city. They're having free tours every Saturday afternoon for February," Moore-Davis says.

A complete list of events can be found at