Blenheim Man Wins $70-million Jackpot


A life changing lottery win for a Blenheim man.

Adrian Olmstead is bringing home the $70-million LOTTO MAX jackpot from a draw in April.

The 44-year-old father of two says when he scanned his ticket at a local grocery store he thought the machine read $700,000, but after a few more scans he was stunned to realize it was $70-million.

Olmstead says he could barely contain his emotions.

"I was standing in the middle of my local grocery store. I started shaking. I looked, no one saw me, I looked at the door and I left. As soon as I hit the sidewalk I started crying. Walked right to my truck and started bawling."

He says the first thing he did was call his mother.

"Your mind starts spinning in 30 different directions at once and that's why I had to call my mom. I want to make sure my family and I are secure and safe and happy and beyond that I really don't know what comes next. I really haven't thought that far ahead."

Olmstead says, while the majority of the money will be invested, he does have plans to have some fun.

"First, buy property for my kids and I and my family, my mom. Make sure my kids are taken care of, but I do want to buy myself a fast car, a good fishing boat, an RV so we can travel Canada so the kids can see the country."

Olmstead adds he took some time before coming forward to claim the ticket because he wanted to make sure he had the best advice on how to handle the money.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Petro Canada/Double Seven Gas Bar on Chatham St. in Blenheim.