Blockade in Place at one Windsor Assembly Plant Entrance


Vehicles are being blocked from leaving and entering the Windsor Assembly Plant at the entrance of Walker Road and Vimy Avenue.

"Right now, there's nobody in, nobody out and that's been our position and both Chrysler knows that and MotiPark understands that as well," says Unifor Local 444 President Dave Cassidy.    

Members of Unifor Local 444 are taking the action in support of over 60 workers currently employed by Auto Warehousing Company (AWC) Windsor.

The company was responsible for driving vehicles that came off the assembly line and parking them until they could be shipped to dealerships.

AWC recently lost the contract to MotiPark in Windsor and the union wants to make sure the workers still have a job.

Cassidy says MotiPark is trying to bring workers in that they claim are unionized but Unifor has heard otherwise.

"I've been in touch with FCA and FCA will be getting involved here and we're anxiously awaiting that call again back," says Cassidy.

He says they want to get the members with AWC over at MotiPark.

"Our goal is to get the 60 members that was with AWC over with the new employer who won the bid, MotiPark and the reality is they're a skilled work," he says.  "There's no training involved, they know the business."     

Cassidy says it's not about AWC losing the work but about the members not having a job to go to.

"We've been reaching to MotiPark to sit down with us and have discussions about bringing our workers over there and they're not paying attention to it," says Cassidy.    

The union has also filed an application under section 69 of the Ontario Labour Relations Act challenging MotiPark’s responsibilities under successor rights.

- with files from AM800's Rusty Thomson