BMX'ers Outraged as City Tears Down Track in Little River Corridor


Members of the local BMX'ing community are looking for answers following the city's move to demolish an unsanctioned off-road bike trail in the Little River Corridor in Windsor.

The city opted to take the track down due to a number of safety hazards and the fact it's located in an environmentally sensitive natural area.

But local BMX'er, Bartlomiej Wnek, says the site was well maintained by those who use it until three city bulldozers showed up to tear down it down — now it looks like a "bomb went off."

Wnek says he understands the city's position, but believes there's a better way to go about things.

"I understand it from a policy standpoint 100 per cent, but at the same time, instead of pulling the haste makes waste card, we should have taken an approach here where it's community input. Maybe discuss with the community the potential issues and risks and how we can make it work," he says.

Wnek says to call the track unsafe just isn't true.

"Telling us that it's not safe doesn't really work. When you go ride a lot of other trails in the city there's a lot of unsafe issues. It doesn't make any sense. I understand it from a policy standpoint and liability, but I don't from a community organized standpoint where you've got 5,000 signatures in support of keeping it there," he says.

Wnek is 37-years-old and has been riding his whole life — he says the off-road bike community just wants to be heard.

"The best case scenario would be to get this collective community together again and sit down with parks and get exactly what it is that was supposed to be built the first time around which is paramount to making this movement and community happy," he says.

Wnek and his group started a petition collecting more than 5,000 signatures to save the trails.

The group has asked city officials to meet for a discussion to try to find a solution going forward.

Back in 2017, the city was forced to demolish another handmade dirt track nearby due to safety concerns.


With files from Rob Hindi