Brain Tumour Survivors Don Hats for Hope


A group of brain tumour survivors took a moment to raise awareness in Windsor.

Saturday is Brain Cancer Awareness Day and just over twelve members of a brain tumour support group gathered along Riverside Drive near Curry Avenue to mark the occasion.

Melissa Martin is a survivor and a volunteer with the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. She says 27 Canadians are diagnosed with a brain tumour every day and eight of those people are going to be told it's cancerous.

"Anybody who is going through a situation who's been told they have a brain tumour, there are other people around that are here to help you and that's what we're all about," she says.

The 42 year old says there were 55,000 Canadians who had their life changed forever due to a brain tumour in 2019.

"Things change things are altered, some people are better off moving forward and some people are set back a little bit more; everybody's different and you just don't know what course things are going to take," she added.

Martin wants people dealing with a brain tumour to know they're not alone.

"The stuff that we have helped each other out with in our support group here from referring doctors to what we can do to relieve pain," she says.

The group donned toques for the Hats for Hope campaign to raise money for research Saturday.

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