Brian Masse lays out plans on jobs, investments and workers' protection


Windsor West NDP candidate Brian Masse was joined by auto and casino workers to discuss investments, jobs and workers’ protection as part of a campaign event Friday morning.

Masse mentioned three areas where the NDP plan to make a difference.

The first is when it comes to government investment in the automotive sector, where Masse says they will hold big corporations to account when it comes to innovation.

"We've lost this innovation and we've paid for the loss of innovation. We're going to tie any type of work that we're going to support with regards to large corporations with job numbers and also surrender documents or patents in innovation."

Another is to increase the electric vehicle incentive, which Masse says will make it easier for families to transition to the future.

"And so we're going to put the focus on $15,000 per family for electrical vehicle purchases. And on top of that domestic purchases will get priority. A multi passenger vehicle like the Pacifica deserves more support than an luxury vehicle because it's actually helping get the city streets cleaner and greener."

The final point was on providing supports for laid off workers and fixing the EI systems because Masse says the past two years have changed the landscape.

"Because we have so many auto workers whether they be from the OEMs or whether they be actually in the parts supply chain, or whether they be casino workers that are not going to qualify because this year you couldn't work enough weeks. So employment insurance has to adapt to the current situation we have right now."

The federal election is now just 10 days away on September 20.

— with files from CTV Windsor