Build a Dream photoshoot looks to break down gender stereotypes


To try to help break down gender stereotypes are certain types of jobs, Build a Dream has partnered with a professional photographer to show women working in careers where they are often underserved.

President and Founder, Nour Hachem-Fawaz, says they needed to confront how others see these jobs as well as how young women see themselves.

"One common theme that we always found was that there wasn't many pictures of women in the industry, the one's we wanted to highlight like skilled trades, science, technology, engineering and math. And we really wanted them to be authentic and representing real people in the industry."

Hachem-Fawaz says for many industries, especially those facing skills gaps, it's time to show off the opportunities that are out there for women.

"When a young women comes to you and says you know I want to be a welder or electrician, and the first response is oh really, why? That statement alone we hear so often from women that are mechanics that discourages them or makes them question whether they're going down the wrong path."

At their career discovery expos which have proven to be popular, Build a Dream often talks to students about their desire for a job that helps. 

And the reason why their model exists is because of a study done 10 years ago where they asked young women what influences their career decisions.

"What is it that's from stopping them from even considering high paying, in-demand positions. And while there were typical stereotypes or barriers like lack of knowledge or perception, overwhelmingly over 90 per cent said their parents are the key influencers when it comes to those decisions."

The initial Women in Industry shoot held in Windsor covered a variety of careers over a two-day span, and two more photo sessions will be held across Ontario in the fall to build up the photo bank.