Burn Ban Issued for the Town of Amherstburg

AM800-News-Burn Ban-Camp Fire

A burn ban has been issued in the Town of Amherstburg.

The ban has been put in place until further notice by the Amherstburg Fire Department due to the recent hot, dry weather.

Fire Chief Bruce Montone says he knows we've had some flash thunderstorms, which has helped, but they are watching the ground, the forested areas and the fields to make sure they are acquiring enough sustainable moisture to lift the ban.

He says anyone who has a camp fire in the town is required to have a permit and those permits have been temporarily revoked until the burn ban is lifted.

Anyone caught breaking the ban would face fines, depending on the infraction.

"They range anywhere from $250 to $500 in terms of provincial fines," says Montone. "Our bylaw also has in place our ability to invoice the property owner for our services if we're required to come extinguish the fire."

He expects to review the ban Friday and make a decision going forward.


With files from Rob Hindi