Business Owners Reporting Busy Weekend in Downtown Windsor


According to local business owners, it was a good weekend in downtown Windsor with extended patios and street closures to spark business as the region continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The city agreed to shut down parts of Ouellette Ave and University Ave West and Maiden Lane from Wednesday morning to Sunday night.

Renaldo Agostino is President of Element Entertainment and the owner of a new gelato lounge in the downtown core and says it was great to see downtown bustling again.

"These are trying times and unprecedented times, but it was certainly nice to see the businesses open,” he says. “It was nice to see people enjoying themselves. It was nice to see people walking up and down the streets again. After four months, it was a great and refreshing weekend in downtown Windsor and we can't wait to do it again."

Agostino says it was a great example of the community coming together.

"That's what made this so great and that's what made this possible,” he says. “Everyone came together to make this happen. Without the mayor and city council, without the DWBIA and without the businesses this doesn't happen. It really shows how you can change a community with everyone working together."

For the most part, Agostino says residents behaved themselves when it came to physical distancing.

"Everybody wants to be safe. Nobody wants to get sick and nobody wants to get anybody else sick, but nobody wants to be trapped inside their houses anymore, especially when you have a beautiful weekend like we just had. I think people get it and businesses get it. So we'll continue to get better and better every weekend."

The streets in the downtown core will be closed again the weekend of July 24.


— With files from AM800's Rob Hindi