Busy Time for Local PPE Business


COVID-19 has caused an increase in production for a local business.

John Picco is owner of Second Chance CPR and PPE Online and says the past three months have been extremely busy but it has picked up even more with the mandatory face covering order that has been put in place by the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit.

Picco says businesses along with individuals are putting orders in for disposable masks along with cloth masks.

"Overall once the mask order kind of came out, the last four or five days we've had an influx of orders from Windsor Essex County, all the way to Chatham," says Picco.  

He says his business is seeing a 50/50 for disposable masks verse cloth masks

"Some people really like the disposable masks, the box of 50, they like to keep them in their cars or with them at their homes so they can just grab one and go out with it," says Picco.  "You might a short time use out of that, a lot of people want the cloth masks."     

He says mask users have different preferences.

"To be honest with you, we've since the orders probably 50/50 split, you know depending on personal preference and what you want to wear," says Picco.  

As heard on AM800 news on Tuesday, the local health unit issued an order requiring all owners or operators of a commercial establishment in Windsor-Essex to prohibit entry of person who is not wearing a face covering.

There are a couple of exceptions such as if a person cannot wear one for medical reasons or age.

The list of establishments included in the order are retail stores, convenience stores, malls, restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, indoor farmer's markets, gas stations and auto shops.