Call for artists issued by Downtown BIA


The Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association has put a call out to local artists to participate in a variety of events, downtown beautification and transformation projects to light up and revitalize the downtown core. 

Downtown BIA chair Brian Yeomans says expressions of interest will be catalogued, and artists will be contacted by the BIA on an as-needed basis to participate, if selected.

"This is currently just something we're looking at as to how we can grow it, but there's no specific location or anything that we're looking at at this moment."
The Downtown BIA is inviting individuals with at least two years of professional experience in the arts to submit their work. 

Yeomans says they know the community is rich with talent, and are pleased to be able to invite artists in to create important pieces for the community.

"We've actually been looking at and discussing different initiatives, but we've been looking at different things that we could do for a while now and now is just the time to start reaching out to those artists."

Expressions of interest could open doors for local artists to participate in magnifying the beauty of Windsor, and Yeomans says he's already heard from some.

"I've already had a few emails just since the press release came out from some art organizations and some artists that are interested in finding out more details and to submit their own information," Yeomans said.

Seeing as how this is a new initiative, Yeomans says they want to see how they can work with local artists to both improve their business and the downtown core.