Call for Coyote Bylaw in LaSalle


A resident of LaSalle wants the town to create a coyote bylaw.

It comes after two coyote attacks in the town in June including one fatal.

A report is scheduled to come to LaSalle council Tuesday night on the issue.

The report will detail what the municipality and property owners can do to deal with coyotes which could include hiring a licensed trapper. Chief Administrative Office, Joe Milicia is against that option as it could result in the destruction of coyotes and may unbalance the eco-system.

Resident Andrea Thielk is scheduled to appear before council to speak to the issue and will argue changes need to be made.

"The coyote is confronting, it's not a co-exist, it's a confronting situation that we really need to use the information that the town has put together to protect our residents, so we can once again co-exist," says Thielk.

She wants council to have an open mind.

"This is such an important topic, I really just don't want anyone else to get hurt or anyone else to lose a pet," says Thielk.  "We're seeing increased coyotes all over North America and I'm quite frankly very concerned for our residents."

The report states the municipality is entitled to change, amend or introduce new bylaws but the CAO is calling on the town to keep the status quo. There is a recommendation to organize a community information session with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and LaSalle Police.

In June, there were two coyote attacks in LaSalle in the Bouffard Rd. area.

A dog was killed in the first attack and the second attack saw a dog lose an eye.

After the first attack, the town issued a statement indicating that 'managing wildlife is out of our jurisdiction.'