Canadian Medical Association Wants More Funding for Family Doctors


The country's largest medical association is hoping the Liberals' coming federal budget addresses a long-standing concern about lack of access to family doctors.

The Canadian Medical Association estimates around five million Canadians don't have a primary care physician, or family care team, which has spillover effects into other parts of the health-care system.

For the moment, the Liberals have sent signals that primary care won't be a primary issue addressed in the April 19th budget.

CMA president Dr. Ann Collins says it should be, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

She says a family doctor could help people who contracted the disease and may have long-term health impacts, especially for those with prolonged symptoms known as COVID-19 long-haulers.

Premiers, too, are pressing the Liberals to up health-care transfers to provinces to better fund the provincially run systems.