Cannabis Cruise Snuffed Out


A sold out cannabis cruise planned for Sept 20th will not happen.

According to CTV News, the cruise has been cancelled indefinitely and ticket holders will be notified.

The Windsor Essex County Health Unit issued a release on Tuesday saying that smoking and vaping cannabis is not permitted on a vessel — as outlined by the Smoke-Free Ontario Act.

Medical Officer of Health Dr. Wajid Ahmed, says a tobacco enforcement officer reached out to the organizers of the cruise earlier in the week to make sure they were aware of the legislation.

Dr. Ahmed says the Smoke Free Ontario act very clearly defines that no person shall consume cannabis in any manor, in a vehicle or a boat.

"A boat is defined as any ship or boat or any other description of a vessel use or designed to be used in the navigation of water," says Ahmed. "So under that, any person either who is driving or is a passenger in that boat, they are not to consume cannabis in any manor while they are on the boat."

Dr. Ahmed says anyone planning an event with cannabis should touch base with the health unit.

"Just like they do in terms of getting their permission from other agencies as well, to make sure that they are aware of the relevant legislation that may be applied to them and provide us with an opportunity to make sure that everything is in place to meet legislative requirements," he says.

He goes on to say that cannabis laws should be treated the same as rules around open alcohol containers — you can't have open alcohol in a car or a boat, so you can't with cannabis.

The first sailing was scheduled for Sept. 20 and organizers say the cruise sold out in two days and a second cruise was being planned for Sept. 26.