Capital Campaign Launched at Erie Shores Healthcare


The Erie Shores Health Foundation has launched a new capital campaign to raise money for the hospital.

It has launched the "Care Happens Here" campaign with a goal to raise $15-million for a new Diagnostic Imaging Department and a new Health Information System.

It is the foundation's largest campaign in its history.

Foundation Executive Director, Christine Colautti says part of the money is being used for a new Health Information System.

"When it comes to transporting patient health records, we can all speak to each now and it very simple for doctors and nurses to pull this information up instanteously on our computers here at work, instead of having to have patients come in, pick up their X-rays on a CD," she says.

Colautti says these capital expenses are not funded by the province.

"We ran money to provide funding for the many expenses that are not covered by the ministry of health.  When it comes to hospital equipment it is up to the foundation to support that," she says.

Colautti says about $7-million of the campaign goal will be used for a new Diagnostic Imaging Dept and renovating three rooms.

"Currently, Erie Shores Healthcare does 96,000 diagnostic tests a year so that's remarkable, so the equipment that we do purchase is put to great use," she points out.

The goal is to raise the funds within five to seven years. 

The campaign received a boost this past weekend when it raised $520,000 during a Erie Shores HealthCare gala at the Roma Club.