Cassidy says he's glad to bring democracy back to Unifor


Despite coming up short in his bid for Unifor National President, Dave Cassidy feels he ran a great campaign.

Speaking on AM800's The Morning Drive, Cassidy says he's glad he put his name forward as he feels it brought back democracy to the union.

He finished third behind runner-up Scott Doherty and new national president Lana Payne.

Payne won the first ballot with more than 45 per cent of the vote and then the election proceeded to a second ballot between Payne and Doherty, as Unifor requires 51 per cent or more to win an election.

She won the second ballot by 60.8 per cent.

Cassidy launched his campaign in February and says it was a long one.

"There's just under 700 locals in the country, raised our own money, travelled the country and it's been a long long long long campaign," says Cassidy.  "There's no federal, provincial, municipal election that's ever this long."     

He says he will remain president of Local 444 and is still the national president for skilled trades.

"We have a lot of work to do still but my platform was pretty clear," he says.  "It's all about membership and membership first." 

Payne is the first woman to lead a large national private sector union in Canada.

She replaces Jerry Dias who stepped down earlier this year.

Unifor is Canada’s largest private-sector union, representing 315,000 workers in a variety of sectors.