Cat's Paw Trapped in 'Cuff-Style' Trap


A cat is now recovering after being found in Amherstburg with a trap on its front paw.

According to wildlife protection organization The Fur-Bearers, the cat was discovered recently in a backyard by a resident in a Malden Centre neighbourhood dragging a trap.

Spokesperson Michael Howie says the trap appears to be a "cuff trap" which is legal in Ontario but is meant to trap raccoons.

"The cat was dragging around what looks to be a cuff-style raccoon trap on their forepaw," says Howie.  "Fortunately someone was able to catch this cat and take them into Wings Rehab Centre, who removed the trap.  He was then transferred to the Windsor Humane Society where he is being cared for now."      

He says the cat, which is now known as "Bubba Gumption" will likely have its leg amputated.

"We have heard that it looks like he will be going forward with the humane society treating him and the amputation is going to be a wait and see whether or not there are better options," he says.  "Hopefully they'll be able to find whatever is best for Bubba and fortunately these domestic animals do quite often learn to adapt to getting by with a little less."      

Howie says it's the first time his organization has seen a cat get its paw trapped in a cuff-style trap.

He adds it's quite worrisome to have these traps in residential areas and is concerned more traps might be out in residential neighbourhoods.

"If it was immediately removed, it may not cause lasting damage however when these traps aren't immediately removed and animals fight against them, they end of with really devastating internal injuries to their paws," says Howie.    

- with files from AM800's Gord Bacon